Sunday, 27 January 2013

What Is Atelophobia? How Is It A Blocker To Success?

I want to be perfect in everything that I do, I say, I wear... But is it really possible or even desirable to be perfect always?? 

People too often become victims of Atelophobia in other words 'fear of imperfection'. But one should always remember that mistakes are eye openers. They add to a person's experience. Mistakes are very normal. Till the time, you do not try to do a thing that you have never done before, you cannot do it. Any kind of fear of failure in doing that task perfectly is just a blocker which is blocking your learning and jeopardizing your confidence.

Some important points to remember about mistakes:

You Learn From Your Mistakes. If you made a mistake while doing anything be sure that your mistake teaches you to do it better next time. Your chances of achieving success are more because this time you are more experienced than before.

You Learn From Other's Mistakes. You watch people around you doing stuff daily. Humans tend to learn from each other's mistakes. You should always add to your learning curve the lessons learnt from other people's mistakes. 

Even Cream Of The Crop Perfectionists Make Mistakes. It's important to remember that no one on this earth is immune to making mistakes. Even the well known, successful people have made mistakes at some point or the other in their life. The only reason that they have become successful is that they were not afraid of making mistakes and taking lessons from them.

Mistake In First Attempt Is Alright. When you do a task first time it is perfectly alright if you commit a mistake, though you should try your level best to be right first time (and be sure that the mistake is not fatal or threat to life). But you should build your experience from there on and in your subsequent attempts should be able to overcome those mistakes.


Edmund @ Blackburn private detectives said...

If you learn from something you shouldn't see it as a mistake, but a lesson. And had you never learnt that lesson, a poorer person you'd be!

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