Monday, 14 January 2013

How Important Is Setting Right Goals For Success In Life?

I was reading this interesting story of a farmer and his dog. The dog would run after every passing car to some distance and try to overtake it. Obviously due to the high speed of the car, the dog would give up shortly. Once a friend of the farmer asked, "would he ever be able to take over some car"? "I am not worried whether he would ever be able to take over a car or not, rather I am concerned what would he do at all even after he takes over one", replied the farmer.

This is very true even in our lives. It happens often that people start pursuing meaningless goals. However, at a point of time when they don't see any results coming out of that effort, they end up abandoning them. This abandonment does not come alone, it brings along frustration, sadness and a fear of starting anything new, each time. Therefore good choice of goals, before you set them up for yourself and start pursuing, is the key to success.

Take Time To Identify Proper Goals. First and foremost step towards success is to identify appropriate goals in life. This applies for both short term and long term goals. Brainstorm a list of potential goals and take time to compare them based on benefits, your environment, what you want to achieve, etc. (the list of comparison factors can get long though). Eliminate the ones which you think are less relevant or less important or do not look viable. 

Plan To Achieve. Now you have got your list of goals, next step is to plan to achieve them. You will need to plan very carefully and resolve that whatever the results maybe but you will always stick to the plan and would not get deviated from it. There would be odds, some frustrations coming your way but you will need to be strong enough and believe in yourself. You will have to adopt the 'Never Give Up' spirit.

Constantly Remind Yourself Of The Selected Goals. Write down your goals on a paper and pin up at your desk at work, or maybe download some sticky notes software on your computer and write your goals on it. The idea is it to keep the goals constantly in front of you. This will remind you regularly what your goals are and would not let you deviate from your plan for achieving them.

Having done all of the above, you would be sure that you are pursuing the right goals in life. Chasing your goals with the right level of dedication, commitment and persistence would ensure that you get success in life.


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