Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Beating Procrastination - The Hurdle Between You and Success

Beating Procrastination - Never Give UpIn my last article I introduced you to Procrastination - The tendency to delay important tasks. Believe me knowingly or unknowingly you may get involved into it. If you are not sure about whether or not you have a tendency to procrastinate, just examine carefully your daily routine. If you find that you have the tendency to procrastinate, then just follow these simple steps in order to beat it 'coz any degree of procrastination is really a hurdle between you and your success.

1. Make a List of Short Term & Long Term Goals

First of all recognize your goals for relatively short & long terms. List them down on a paper. This would help you to identify the tasks, based on these goals, which you need to do immediately and the ones which you can postpone for a while.

2. Prioritize the Tasks

Once you have identified the tasks that you need to carry out, based on your goals, they should be prioritized in terms of their importance. Most important and urgent tasks should be highly prioritized. Less important tasks can wait for a little later.

3. Take Baby Steps

As stated earlier, main reason for delaying the tasks for later (or Procrastination) is that either you are not interested in doing that task or it is too difficult for you to do. However, when it is important for you to do this task a good way is to take baby steps instead of opting to complete the whole task at once. Break up the task into the smallest possible units and assign milestones for each unit. When you achieve a milestone it will give you a sense of satisfaction and would motivate you to go for more. This will also reduce your frustration, to some extent, because then you would have at least done something in the direction of completing that task.

4. Reward Yourself on Completion of Small Milestones

Give yourself some positive motivation when you achieve every single milestone by rewarding yourself. This will help in building a self confidence in yourself that it is possible for you to complete this task. As soon you build a belief that you will be able to complete the task, half the battle is won. 

I am sure,
above would be helpful for you to beat procrastination and achieve your goals in life. In case you have any experiences in life, related to Procrastination, or any views, you are most welcome to share them on this blog.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Procrastination - An Art of Delaying Things & A Recipe for Failure

There would be times in your life when you would have postponed certain tasks. If you do it once in a while (and that too for less important tasks) then it's alright but if find yourself in a habit of doing it regularly, then you might be a victim of Procrastination.

What is Procrastination?

Procrastination, is basically an act of putting off essential tasks for a later date. Less important tasks get picked up instead of more essential ones. However simple the definition of Procrastination may look but its consequences are not at all simple. Procrastination really leads to failure, depression, anxiety and as a result people start giving up and finally lose on the purpose of their life.

Reasons of Procrastination?

There could be several reasons for Procrastination. People put off important tasks because either they don't enjoy doing it or they think that those tasks are real hard to do. Another reason could be that people think that they can't do that task perfectly as others might be able to do it.

Whatever the reasons maybe but it is important to note that Procrastination is a dangerous habit. One can get rid of it but if you don't think about getting rid of it seriously, then there are definitely dangerous consequences for yourself and the ones whom you care about.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Derek Redmond - A Story of Courage. A Story of Never Giving Up!!

In 1992 Barcelona Olympics, during the 400 meters semi final race, an unusual thing happened. British athlete Derek Redmond, who had posted fastest time in the first round and had won the quarter finals, created history - not by winning the race but by showing his great spirit of courage and never give up attitude. He started well in the semi final race but about 250 meters from the finish his hamstring snapped. He hobbled to a halt with pain and then fell down on the ground. The stretcher bearers came in to take him away  from the track but he decided to finish the race. He began to hobble down the track alone. Then he was joined by his father, Jim Derek, who barged in post security to get his son. Derek finished the lap of the track, with his father, while leaning on his shoulder for support. He had lost the race but he won the hearts of 65000 people in the stadium, who paid a standing ovation when he completed the lap, by showing his attitude that he was not going to give up so easily. He had exhibited extra ordinary level of courage. Redmond's struggle in the 1992 semi-final later became the subject of one of the International Olympic Committee's 'Celebrate Humanity' videos, which proclaimed "Force is measured in kilograms. Speed is measured in seconds. Courage? You can't measure courage".

This is really an inspiring video. It really reinforces my belief that if you commit yourself to achieve a goal, nothing in this universe can stop you from achieving it. It is your determination, your attitude to never give up on your dreams, that would lead you to success in achieving your purpose of life on this earth.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Story of Terry Fox - Never Give Up

Life story of Terrance Stanley "Terry" Fox, an athlete from Canada, is a true example of never giving up in life. Terry was a distance runner and basketball player for his school and university. He was diagnosed with cancer in 1977 and his right leg had to be amputated for that reason. However, he kept on running and playing basketball with an artificial leg. He won three national championships in wheelchair basketball in Vancouver. Being a true humanitarian he decided to start "Marathon of Hope", a cross country run in 1980. He began from St. John's, Newfoundland in Canada in April with very less people knowing him. He ran equivalent to a full marathon length every day. He had huge fan following in a few days. His dream was to collect at least 1 dollar from each of above 24 million Canadians in order to setup a charity for cancer research. He was forced to stop his run after running 3339 miles in 143 days because the cancer had spread to his lungs. By February of the following year, $24.17 million were raised for his charity thus realizing his dream of collecting $1 from every Canadian. He died in June, 1981. 

He had decided that if would live, he would prove himself prove himself deserving of life. He had found his purpose of life and had decided that whatever time he had to live on this earth, he would utilize it for achieving his mission. He never gave up on his dreams till he lived!!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Never Give Up On Your Dreams Song

Really nice song, telling you to never give up on your dreams. This song was dedicated to Terry Fox, who in 1981 had to stop the 'Marathon of Hope' due to recurrence of cancer. This song by Rod Stewart is one of my favorites. Hope you guys also enjoy this. 

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Follow Your Dreams Quote

There is a fantastic quote showcasing the importance of following your dreams.

There is one great truth on this planet; whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, its because that desire originated in the soul of the universe. It's your mission on earth.

So basically it means that whatever you have ever thought that you want (in other words - you have dreamt of), it is because that desire actually originated in the soul of universe. Your dreams are your purpose, your reason to be on this earth. Your dreams guide you of what you have to do while you are on this earth. So it is important to follow your dreams without any fears of any kind of failure. Obviously there would be hurdles in your way but never give up on your dreams. If you give up and don't follow your dreams you will not be able to achieve them and that would simply mean that the purpose of your coming on this earth got defeated.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Inspirational Quote - Why Not?

A very impressive and inspirational thought by George Bernard Shaw! Your potential of doing anything is in your mind rather than anywhere else! Opportunities are always there in the environment around us, however they can be only identified by people who have an urge to find them.

It normally happens when we come across some idea. We would then think how would we do it. If it seems difficult to do that task we get less enthusiastic about it and ultimately the crucial time, when some action had to be taken, runs out. And that way we loose that opportunity to create or do something new and valuable. But successful people look at the hidden opportunity in that particular task and start taking actions. The 'how do we do it' parts gets sorted out automatically when they start going deeper into the details.

Another positive message is to apply out of the box thinking to your dreams. Always think about your dreams from a different point of view. Never give up on your dreams. Think what would have happened if Wright Brothers would have given up on their dream to fly after some unsuccessful attempts to fly? We would never have been able to cut down on our travel times, leave alone targeting to reach the moon!

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