Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Don't Be Pushed By Your Problems. Follow Your Dreams!!

There is not a single human on this earth who has never faced a problem in his or her life. Problems will always be there and will try to push you back. But successful people are always led by their dreams. They never give up because of the problems. They always try to look for ways to get away from the problems and make this world a better place to live.

Here are certain tips to avoid being pushed by problems:

Don't Panic. Try to be cool and calm when you are entangled in problematic situations. I know it can be difficult at times but remaining calm and focused on your objectives is the only way out of the problems. Try to be happy and show it to everyone.

There Is A Solution For Every Problem. Just Keep On Searching For It. Keep searching for options in order to get your problems resolved. Make yourself sure that there is a solution to every problem. If you persistently keep on searching for solutions you will definitely get one.

Prioritize. You may have multiple problems. You may not be able to solve all the problems in one go. Make a list of the problems that you want to resolve and prioritize them in the order of severity. Target to resolve one problem at a time and plan accordingly.

Look At Others Problems. As I said earlier everyone on this earth has a problem in life. Until you look at or understand other people's problem, you may feel that your problem is the biggest in this world. But when you look at people and try to understand their problems, you would come across even bigger problems which people have. That will be the time when you would think that your problem is very small and you would be thankful. 

Follow Your Dreams. The most important thing of all is to simply follow your dreams. Don't worry about the hurdles that would come in your way while trying to realize your dreams. Patience and endurance are the key to success here. Have patience and never give up, you will see how easy it is actually to be successful.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

What Is Atelophobia? How Is It A Blocker To Success?

I want to be perfect in everything that I do, I say, I wear... But is it really possible or even desirable to be perfect always?? 

People too often become victims of Atelophobia in other words 'fear of imperfection'. But one should always remember that mistakes are eye openers. They add to a person's experience. Mistakes are very normal. Till the time, you do not try to do a thing that you have never done before, you cannot do it. Any kind of fear of failure in doing that task perfectly is just a blocker which is blocking your learning and jeopardizing your confidence.

Some important points to remember about mistakes:

You Learn From Your Mistakes. If you made a mistake while doing anything be sure that your mistake teaches you to do it better next time. Your chances of achieving success are more because this time you are more experienced than before.

You Learn From Other's Mistakes. You watch people around you doing stuff daily. Humans tend to learn from each other's mistakes. You should always add to your learning curve the lessons learnt from other people's mistakes. 

Even Cream Of The Crop Perfectionists Make Mistakes. It's important to remember that no one on this earth is immune to making mistakes. Even the well known, successful people have made mistakes at some point or the other in their life. The only reason that they have become successful is that they were not afraid of making mistakes and taking lessons from them.

Mistake In First Attempt Is Alright. When you do a task first time it is perfectly alright if you commit a mistake, though you should try your level best to be right first time (and be sure that the mistake is not fatal or threat to life). But you should build your experience from there on and in your subsequent attempts should be able to overcome those mistakes.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Inspirational Quotes Series

Really a very nice quotation. I stumbled upon this picture on the internet and thought will share this on my blog. It's the thoughts of human being that really makes the difference. If you think good, you get good things in life. If you think about bad things, you really get bad things attracted in your life. That exactly proves that secret law of attraction is at work here. 

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Inspiration Quote - 1

Every human has the potential to create the future for himself or herself. As said earlier, whatever you visualize becomes a reality. So always try to see good things which you want in life, think of them and you will one day surely get them for yourself. 

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Funny Inspirational Video - Be Positive To Be Happy

This is really very funny and yet inspirational video. Though it might be just an ad for a baby product but still its very creative and interesting. Moreover, its quite motivational and inspirational. It shows how a person with positive attitude is able to fight all the odds and manages to be happy in his life.

Monday, 14 January 2013

How Important Is Setting Right Goals For Success In Life?

I was reading this interesting story of a farmer and his dog. The dog would run after every passing car to some distance and try to overtake it. Obviously due to the high speed of the car, the dog would give up shortly. Once a friend of the farmer asked, "would he ever be able to take over some car"? "I am not worried whether he would ever be able to take over a car or not, rather I am concerned what would he do at all even after he takes over one", replied the farmer.

This is very true even in our lives. It happens often that people start pursuing meaningless goals. However, at a point of time when they don't see any results coming out of that effort, they end up abandoning them. This abandonment does not come alone, it brings along frustration, sadness and a fear of starting anything new, each time. Therefore good choice of goals, before you set them up for yourself and start pursuing, is the key to success.

Take Time To Identify Proper Goals. First and foremost step towards success is to identify appropriate goals in life. This applies for both short term and long term goals. Brainstorm a list of potential goals and take time to compare them based on benefits, your environment, what you want to achieve, etc. (the list of comparison factors can get long though). Eliminate the ones which you think are less relevant or less important or do not look viable. 

Plan To Achieve. Now you have got your list of goals, next step is to plan to achieve them. You will need to plan very carefully and resolve that whatever the results maybe but you will always stick to the plan and would not get deviated from it. There would be odds, some frustrations coming your way but you will need to be strong enough and believe in yourself. You will have to adopt the 'Never Give Up' spirit.

Constantly Remind Yourself Of The Selected Goals. Write down your goals on a paper and pin up at your desk at work, or maybe download some sticky notes software on your computer and write your goals on it. The idea is it to keep the goals constantly in front of you. This will remind you regularly what your goals are and would not let you deviate from your plan for achieving them.

Having done all of the above, you would be sure that you are pursuing the right goals in life. Chasing your goals with the right level of dedication, commitment and persistence would ensure that you get success in life.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Visualizing During Most Productive State Of Mind - The Alpha State

Visualizing During Alpha State of Mind
As I have discussed, in my earlier posts, that visualization is a great tool to impress on the universe - through your subconscious - whatever you want in your life, here in this post I am going to share the secret of making the most effective use of this tool during the most creative, productive and effective state of your mind i.e. Alpha State.

States of Mind

There are 4 states of mind. These states have been defined by researchers based on the level of activity the human mind is involved in at a particular time. This time can be any time in the 24 hour day.

1. Beta

This is the conscious or waking state of mind. In this state the mind is thinking and working actively. This is like the top gear state and is considered good state to make decisions, for reasoning, applying logic, etc. The brain waves are between 12 - 30 hertz and may not be necessarily rhythmic in this state. 

2. Alpha

Various States of Mind
Defined as a gateway between conscious and unconscious state of mind, the brain waves slow down between 7.5 - 12 cycles or hertz. Humans are in a more relaxed state and it becomes easier to access memories or register new information during this state. This is considered best state of mind for imagination.

3. Theta

This is even more relaxed state of mind where the brain waves further slow down between 4 - 7.5  hertz. This is also referred as a state of mild sleep.

4. Delta

This is deepest level of relaxation or state of deep sleep where brain waves slow down between 0.5 - 4 hertz. 

As explained above, in the Alpha state of mind the human body is more relaxed and is in a perfect position to access memories, store new information. It is also the best time when the mind is at the highest of its imagination and creativity. If the duration of this state is increased, it can be the best time to impress upon your subconscious what you want to achieve in your life using your imagination or visualization. When this activity is repeated, the subconscious communicates these visualizations to the universe and they finally turn into reality.

When The Going Gets Tough.. The Tough Get Going

Truly inspirational video depicting the reality of life. Successful people were not born successful. Every successful person had to work hard in order to achieve the success. It's also not true that successful people never run into troubles. But its a successful person's will, dedication and commitment to his goals that enables him to make a comeback.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Failure - What Is It? 3 Tips To Avoid Failure

Never Fail Yourself
I often think what is Failure, how does it occur, does it occur all of a sudden? I stumbled upon a very interesting article by Jim Rohn about formula of failure and success. Jim says, "Failure is not a single, cataclysmic event. We do not fail overnight. Failure is the inevitable result of an accumulation of poor thinking and poor choices. To put it more simply, failure is nothing more than a few errors in judgment repeated every day." 

So if failure is only about few judgmental errors made everyday or the poor choices made by individuals, then why do people keep on repeating these errors. Why wouldn't they choose to improve on things, I mean why would people simply want to fail? One reason, as Jim highlights, could be that the impact of these wrong judgments or poor choices is very small and does not have immediate impact. Failure's most dangerous attribute is it's subtlety. That could be the reason that failure does not occur immediately.  For example if you choose to ignore something important at work and it does not have a big impact immediately you may start feeling that it is alright to do so and then the negative impact may keep accumulating and show in your life one fine day. Similarly, someone may also choose to have bad eating habits or continue to smoke without any immediate adverse impacts. But the negativity will accumulate and have an adverse impact on your life someday.

In addition to above I think one more thing that causes failure is that people, over a period of time, start feeling low of themselves. When one tries to do something and is not able to do it successfully, due to various reasons, he or she starts giving up on it and starts believing that this task is difficult to achieve. This negative belief causes failure. So here are some tips which can be followed to avoid failure.

1. Introspection

Try to introspect yourself. The best time to introspect your daily activities is at night before going to bed. Think about the actions you took or the judgments or the decisions that you made in the day. Think were you reasonable enough while taking these actions or making these judgments or could have there been any better course of action? When you ask questions, you get answers. Don't ignore any answer that indicates anything negative irrespective of whatever the quantum of negativity it might carry.

2. Discipline & Time Management

Try to bring a discipline in your life that whatever improvements you had thought from your introspection, you would implement those in your life going forward. Leading a disciplined life and managing your time well will help you to avoid any kind of subtle negative impacts leading to failure.

3. Take Control

Never forget that it's your life and you should have it's control. No negative thoughts or feelings should control your life. Always believe that you are strong enough and can achieve anything in life. Resolve that you will not give up until you achieve whatever you want in your life even if lot of hurdles or problems come your way.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Never Give Up - You Can What You Will To Be !!

A motivational video. Really shows how you can get whatever you want if you never give up. Doctors told Arthur that he can never walk again in his life. But he wanted to change his life. And because deep somewhere in his heart he wanted a change in his life, he found the way out. If someone like Arthur can prove that whatever people said was wrong, why can't you? Just believe in yourself and never, never, never give up in life!!