Sunday, 9 June 2013

Follow Your Dreams Quote

There is a fantastic quote showcasing the importance of following your dreams.

There is one great truth on this planet; whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, its because that desire originated in the soul of the universe. It's your mission on earth.

So basically it means that whatever you have ever thought that you want (in other words - you have dreamt of), it is because that desire actually originated in the soul of universe. Your dreams are your purpose, your reason to be on this earth. Your dreams guide you of what you have to do while you are on this earth. So it is important to follow your dreams without any fears of any kind of failure. Obviously there would be hurdles in your way but never give up on your dreams. If you give up and don't follow your dreams you will not be able to achieve them and that would simply mean that the purpose of your coming on this earth got defeated.


Katerina Svobodova said...

Hi there,

I am personally a huge dreamer and I do truly understand the power of will. The power is us and us only. Supporting each other and knowing the right meaning of gratitude. I found your post very interesting an because I share the same message I would like to connect with you and support you on your journey. Feel free to check my blog too and if you find some inspiration let me know. You are more then welcome to post a comment. ;-)

Wish you all the best,

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