Thursday, 30 May 2013

FOMO - Fear of Missing Out

This is a new kind of fear - Fear of Missing Out or FOMO. People often don't want to stay behind anyone. One of my neighbor went for an exotic holiday to Thailand, one of my friend bought the latest version of a sedan, one of my colleagues prepared a very good presentation about a new initiative, one of my colleagues was applauded at office today while no one talked about me. All these are examples of FOMO. Researches suggest that this phenomenon has gained strength during recent past. Researchers are also studying the ways FOMO is influenced by social media. Whatever the reason may be for the rise of this phenomenon but the bottom line is that it leads to fear and causes an increase in depression and anxiety especially amongst young people. In extreme cases this may lead to violence or even feeling of shame. So what is the solution to keep yourself safe from this syndrome?
1. Use Social Media Sites Only For What They Are Meant For
Social media sites are meant for keeping in touch with old / new friends, family, relatives, colleagues, etc. One needs to understand that while it is good to update about yourself and take updates about others but there is no need to turn into a maniac and over do it.
2. Believe In Yourself
One needs to have confidence in himself / herself and not always crave for attracting other people's attention all the time. If someone did not talk about you at certain point of time or someone ignored you some time, its alright. There is nothing great to worry about. Your attitude, talent, etc. will bring you in the limelight.
3. Learn To Be Satisfied
It is important to feel satisfied with whatever you have at certain point of time. Learn to identify that point of time when you need to tell yourself to stop running after stuff and be satisfied with whatever you have at that moment.
Hope by doing all of the above you would be able to keep Fear of Missing Out or FOMO away from yourself.



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