Friday, 21 December 2012

Worry Is Your Big Enemy

I strongly feel that Worry is man's biggest enemy. Worry distracts people and does not let them focus on their goals. So when people start worrying about something going terribly wrong in future, or about their jobs, or about their loved ones, or anything else, they start creating images of such situations in their mind. When the conscious mind visualizes these negative images regularly, it turns them into belief. This belief is then transferred to sub-conscious and ultimately becomes the destiny. There are certainly ways to get rid of worrying. I have personally tried these tips and have found them very effective:

1. Keep Yourself in Present

When you worry you think of future. You start imagining things going wrong. Your worry becomes big if you relate it to some bad event in the past. So a good thing to do is to keep yourself busy in present day rather than thinking too much about the past or the future.

2. Tell Yourself That You Are Strong and Powerful

Whenever a worry or fear of something bad strikes your mind, tell yourself that you are strong and powerful enough to face any bad situation. Tell this repeatedly to yourself without thinking anything else. Practice this regularly and you will see that over a period of time you get rid of all your worries.

3. Ask Yourself - How Many of Your Worries Actually Turned Into A Reality?

A very interesting fact is that most of the things that you worry about in your life do not happen at all. So whenever there is a worry coming your way, just think what damage did a worry cause you last time? This way you would be challenging all your worries and force them to leave your mind and life for good.

4. Focus On the Solution, Don't Think About The Outcome

If you find yourself in a difficult situation, don't let any kind of fear or worry take over your mind. Just focus on the solution to make things better instead of thinking about the outcome. If you focus on finding a solution the final result would be in your favor  But if you keep thinking about the outcome, your mind would be occupied by worries of things going wrong in all probability. Focusing on finding a solution or working in small steps towards the solution would help you to come out of the mess and lead you to success.


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