Friday, 28 December 2012

7 Reasons People Don't Dream Big

Dream Big
An important ingredient for getting success in life, is to dare to dream big. When people see big dreams they set goals for themselves in life. Added to this if people continue to visualize having achieved those dreams, regularly, the dreams are transferred from conscious mind to the subconscious and then these dreams become flesh and all the forces get busy in realizing these dreams. Often people fail to realize their dreams or don't dare to dream big. There are certain possible reasons for people not being able to achieve their dreams or afraid of seeing any dreams.

1. Unclear Dreams

People often set unclear and incomplete goals for themselves. They don't define their objectives properly and that is the reason for them being unable to realize their dreams. People set incomplete objectives like someone wants to become an author but don't drill down to deep levels like what kind of writings, what genre, etc., etc.

2. Underestimating Yourself

People often underestimate themselves. They fear to believe or sometimes they don't know that they have endless abilities. They fail to understand that if they determine to achieve something and train their conscious mind and subconscious to achieve it, they would be able to do so. That's one of the primary reason why they fail to dream big for themselves.

3. People Don't Stick To One Goal

Some people don't stick to their goals. Today they want to be something and tomorrow they want to be something else. This seriously impacts the persons ability to achieve their dreams. As I said above that the dreams need to be transferred from conscious mind to the subconscious in order for the dreams to become flesh.

4. People Don't Possess Expertise / Skills

One reason that people don't dare to dream big is that they don't possess required expertise / skills in order to realize those dreams. It's really very simple to overcome this. There are lot of courses available out there in the market or online to acquire the required skills for any trade.

5. It's Hard To Achieve Goals

Achieving goals or realizing dreams is not easy. There would be lot or hardships, challenges and obstacles in the journey towards success. But this is not true for those who have prepared themselves to face any kind of hurdles or hardships in the way.

6. Fear of Failure

Sometimes people don't dream big because they are afraid of failure. What they fail to realize is that failures are not a reason for being ashamed, they are rather opportunities to improve and try again with all the energy. Failures don't take anything from you rather they add to your experience.

7. Selfishness

Some people fail to realize their dreams because their dreams are too selfish. Very important to understand here is that every thing in this universe is working towards mutual well being. So every action should be towards adding some value or providing some mutual benefit to others. Till the time the action targets to benefit only one person or one party it would not achieve any results at all. So if you want to realize your dreams those should be targeted to add value or provide mutual benefit e.g. if you sell something which does not provide the desired value to the buyer, nobody is going to buy that product.

If people take care of above points, I think it should not be very difficult for them to dream big and realize their dreams.


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