Thursday, 6 June 2013

Inspirational Quote - Why Not?

A very impressive and inspirational thought by George Bernard Shaw! Your potential of doing anything is in your mind rather than anywhere else! Opportunities are always there in the environment around us, however they can be only identified by people who have an urge to find them.

It normally happens when we come across some idea. We would then think how would we do it. If it seems difficult to do that task we get less enthusiastic about it and ultimately the crucial time, when some action had to be taken, runs out. And that way we loose that opportunity to create or do something new and valuable. But successful people look at the hidden opportunity in that particular task and start taking actions. The 'how do we do it' parts gets sorted out automatically when they start going deeper into the details.

Another positive message is to apply out of the box thinking to your dreams. Always think about your dreams from a different point of view. Never give up on your dreams. Think what would have happened if Wright Brothers would have given up on their dream to fly after some unsuccessful attempts to fly? We would never have been able to cut down on our travel times, leave alone targeting to reach the moon!

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