Friday, 21 June 2013

Derek Redmond - A Story of Courage. A Story of Never Giving Up!!

In 1992 Barcelona Olympics, during the 400 meters semi final race, an unusual thing happened. British athlete Derek Redmond, who had posted fastest time in the first round and had won the quarter finals, created history - not by winning the race but by showing his great spirit of courage and never give up attitude. He started well in the semi final race but about 250 meters from the finish his hamstring snapped. He hobbled to a halt with pain and then fell down on the ground. The stretcher bearers came in to take him away  from the track but he decided to finish the race. He began to hobble down the track alone. Then he was joined by his father, Jim Derek, who barged in post security to get his son. Derek finished the lap of the track, with his father, while leaning on his shoulder for support. He had lost the race but he won the hearts of 65000 people in the stadium, who paid a standing ovation when he completed the lap, by showing his attitude that he was not going to give up so easily. He had exhibited extra ordinary level of courage. Redmond's struggle in the 1992 semi-final later became the subject of one of the International Olympic Committee's 'Celebrate Humanity' videos, which proclaimed "Force is measured in kilograms. Speed is measured in seconds. Courage? You can't measure courage".

This is really an inspiring video. It really reinforces my belief that if you commit yourself to achieve a goal, nothing in this universe can stop you from achieving it. It is your determination, your attitude to never give up on your dreams, that would lead you to success in achieving your purpose of life on this earth.


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