Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Beating Procrastination - The Hurdle Between You and Success

Beating Procrastination - Never Give UpIn my last article I introduced you to Procrastination - The tendency to delay important tasks. Believe me knowingly or unknowingly you may get involved into it. If you are not sure about whether or not you have a tendency to procrastinate, just examine carefully your daily routine. If you find that you have the tendency to procrastinate, then just follow these simple steps in order to beat it 'coz any degree of procrastination is really a hurdle between you and your success.

1. Make a List of Short Term & Long Term Goals

First of all recognize your goals for relatively short & long terms. List them down on a paper. This would help you to identify the tasks, based on these goals, which you need to do immediately and the ones which you can postpone for a while.

2. Prioritize the Tasks

Once you have identified the tasks that you need to carry out, based on your goals, they should be prioritized in terms of their importance. Most important and urgent tasks should be highly prioritized. Less important tasks can wait for a little later.

3. Take Baby Steps

As stated earlier, main reason for delaying the tasks for later (or Procrastination) is that either you are not interested in doing that task or it is too difficult for you to do. However, when it is important for you to do this task a good way is to take baby steps instead of opting to complete the whole task at once. Break up the task into the smallest possible units and assign milestones for each unit. When you achieve a milestone it will give you a sense of satisfaction and would motivate you to go for more. This will also reduce your frustration, to some extent, because then you would have at least done something in the direction of completing that task.

4. Reward Yourself on Completion of Small Milestones

Give yourself some positive motivation when you achieve every single milestone by rewarding yourself. This will help in building a self confidence in yourself that it is possible for you to complete this task. As soon you build a belief that you will be able to complete the task, half the battle is won. 

I am sure,
above would be helpful for you to beat procrastination and achieve your goals in life. In case you have any experiences in life, related to Procrastination, or any views, you are most welcome to share them on this blog.


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